4 for $40 Fish FRYday


Starting this April, we’ll be offering a Family Style Fish Fry Dinner on Fridays designed to feed a family of 4 for $40 bucks!

Here are the rules (yes, a deal this good needs rules): Orders must be pre-ordered before 3pm on Friday, and meals must be picked up between 4-6pm. If you can provide a pick-up time, we will be sure to prepare your meal a few seconds before you arrive to ensure it’s as fresh & perfect as possible. Also, sorry, no substitutions.

In these challenging times, we need to come together to figure out how we can help
each other through this. If you’re like most people, you’re stuck at home with your family all day every day for who knows how long, and the routine is already getting old. Let’s make family dinners special again.

We want to stay busy and keep the lights on and you need to eat. You could also use a break in the monotony while saving a few bucks. It’s a marriage made in heaven!!!


Beer Batted Cod lightly fried served w/ French Fries, Cole Slaw & Tartar Sauce. (no substitutions)